Inhouse Soft Skills Programmes

List Of Popular Soft Skills Programmes

Breakthrough Performance

This programme is designed to provide inputs to participants on Empowering themselves and becoming effective in career and personal life. The programme would enable participants

  • To explore and understand themselves
  • To experience a shift in thinking.
  • To choose the Right Response in interpersonal interaction.
  • To Align their personal goals to the organisational Mission
  • To make effective use of time.
  • To be motivated and to motivate others.

High Performance Managerial Skills

A major challenge that most companies face today is the gap between conception of strategies and plans and their execution. This is called the Execution Gap.

The Execution Gap occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Team members not being able to understand and translate High Level goals into action on the frontline.
  • Team members not being clear on their own personal role in achieving these high level goals and strategies.
  • Team members not spending time on the Important but Not Urgent activities while spending unproductive time on Urgent but far less Important activities.
  • Lastly, lack of ownership and commitment to achieving these goals.

Team Building and Team Leadership Skills

This programme seeks to provide practical inputs on Leadership and Team Building skills. While most management theories contain the What? of Team Building and Leadership, this programme would provide tips and techniques on the How? of making your organisation a centre for Excellence and your Managers of Today the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Effective Communication Skills

  • Communication is the key ingredient for personal as well as organizational success. Employees trained in communication skills are more effective in their roles. Yet, there are numerous barriers to effective communication. Skills like empathetic listening and assertiveness need to be learnt. This programme aims at enhancing communication skills through practical exercises and demonstrations.
  • The Programme would focus on Oral and Inter-personal Communication Skills.

Effective Written Communication Skills

Every day you work with words. It doesn’t matter if you write memos to co-workers, reports to your boss, or letters to customers:

  • Your writing reflects your level of ability and confidence
  • The level of respect you get is affected by how you write.
  • Your promotion prospects can be enhanced if you have good writing skills.

This one-day workshop presents the basic rules of clear and persuasive writing in a brief, well organised and easy-to-use manner. It provides a set of sound principles to follow and backs each with a wealth of examples from the real world of business. After using the techniques provided participants will notice an immediate and sustained improvement in your own business writing skills.

Advanced Presentation Skills

This programme would help participants to measurably improve their presentation skills and help them overcome stage-fear.

Executive Time Management

  • There are so many programs on managing time, so how is this workshop different?
  • Most Time Management workshops provide theoretical inputs and leave much of the implementation of the change process to the participant. This workshop will not do that. Special short exercises and simple activities are provided to ensure that the ideas presented can be transferred to day-to-day work life.
  • The Participants would be taken through a self-discovery process resulting in insights about their own work habits leading to effective and permanent change in their approach to utilization of TIME – The ultimate scarce resource.

A unique programme that enables participant prioritize, use the time more productively and make every minute count.

Supervisory Skills Development

This one-day workshop is customized to meet the needs of Supervisory and middle management. The workshop will focus on the transition to management and the numerous problems faced in the workplace. Participants engage in interactive, experiential workshop sessions that feature self-assessments, role-plays, group activities and case studies. This programme is aimed at ensuring that the knowledge gained can be brought back to the work spot and implemented immediately.

The programme is relevant for frontline and middle level managers. The general skills that would be transferred would be the identification of roles and responsibilities, the art of delegation, interpersonal relations and one to one communication. Assertiveness and emotional intelligence would also be covered through role-play exercises and individual assessments.

The programme helps First Time Managers to understand their role and enable excellence through behavioural approaches.

Motivational Skills

This programme seeks to help the participants to understand the importance and effects of motivation by identifying key factors that determine the rate of motivation. These factors are linked directly to their individual needs, behaviour and attitudes. These motivational factors can have an effect on the output of your business and concerns both quantity and quality.

Assertiveness Skills

This programme would help participants to enhance their overall assertiveness skills for immediate on-the-job use.

Emotional Intelligence

This programme would provide detailed yet simple inputs on Emotional Intelligence and would help participants to overcome their limitations and perform better.

Stress Eradication

A Fun programme for understanding the sources of stress and eradicating them through positive practices.

Train The Trainers

This programme seeks to provide practical and Hands on exposure to advanced training skills for internal resource persons who need to perform Training & Development Roles.

Change Management

The programme is designed on the basis of a paradigm of positive change. It is about developing Inspirational-leadership in your organization and helping managers and enabling them to excel in the attainment of corporate goals

Transformational Leadership

  • Transformational Leaders don’t do something different or extraordinary they simply go back to basics and become spontaneous, flexible and creative.
  • This programme would provide insights and approaches that are quintessential in their simplicity and effectiveness.
  • This programme seeks to provide practical inputs on Leadership. While most management theories contain the What? of Leadership, this programme would provide tips and techniques on the How? of making your organisation a centre for Excellence and your Managers of Today the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Coaching And Mentoring

Mentors are informal guides and role models in an organization. Although, Mentoring happens naturally in an organization. An organization that nurtures mentoring systematically and scientifically and identifies suitable mentors for executives will be able to achieve sustained superior performance over long periods.

Increasingly people are being asked to use coaching skills when managing their workplace relationships.

This programme seeks to provide systematic inputs on creating an environment suitable for coaching and mentoring as well as on skill sets required for the same.

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