Unleash the Leader in You – The Right Response!

Unleash the Leader in You – The Right Response!

In every difficult situation there is a right response. Reactive focus takes us away from this one right response and we end up winning an argument and losing a relationship. Sometimes we give up too early or simply assume that something is not possible. And then, we blame others, our circumstances, and for want of anything better society!

The peak season has started and many medium sized business have to satisfy both large corporate clients as well as SME customers.  Of course, we are perennially understaffed and those people who are available are grossly under trained. Sounds like a familiar story. But that is the reality! It is in this context that choosing the right response can help you to perform at your peak capacity always.

The CEO of Igate Global Solutions Ltd, Phaneesh Murthy, says “Anything you ever do is all about people.” The first question that we need to ask then is, “Are our people working with us or for us?” If our people are working for us then we are bosses and they are employees. They have no ownership in goals, deadline or for that matter quality. So we spend a lot of time monitoring and double checking. Sometimes we have to put in layers or hierarchies to do the monitoring! Isn’t this a colossal waste of valuable human resources?

On the other hand, if your people are working with you, you are a team leader and they are team members with ownership and pride in the goals, deadlines and above all quality! Team goals are discussed and negotiated. Everyone, (I repeat, everyone!) is clear about what their job is and how they interact with colleagues, clients and governmental agencies. Empowered people walk tall, talk straight and smile a lot. Just take a mental peek at your office at this point! Can you see your people walking tall and talking purposefully? Do you see them smiling a lot? Then do this exercise! Lift your right hand, turn the palm to face you, take it over your back and pat yourself on the back, because you deserve it!

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